Mudik... Why

When, I was in Kediri... I think mudik was useless. We spent much money, time, got traffic jam on the road, waiting so many time for a ticket, standing on the bus.And when we have came to our hometown we met our family and other.We JUST did silaturahmi* with other and saying "Minal Aidin Wal Faidzin".OK All of us have agree that Silaturahmi is part of syariat Islam*, But have Rasulullah teach Us that we must doing this after Ramadhan, Or Had ever Rasulullah's Friends (actually I don't know how to say Sahabat Rosul in English) doing it after Ramadhan, coming from far away (Mudik) to meet with their family just to silaturahmi. As far as I know Rasulullah's Friends just feel sad because have beenleaved by Ramadhan.
And In other Islamic country we will also can't find moslem doing this after Ramadhan.
But why Indonesian do Mudik!!!!

Now when I live far with my family and hometown. Seldom for me to go to my hometown, and when I am there, I can't meet all of them. because when I got free time and able to home, several of my family who live (work or study) in far city don't. So Silaturahmi is very difficult to do unless after Ramadhan or we call Idul Fitri. Because almost every of us have free time and able to home and meet. It make us easy to do silaturahmi, now I think silaturahmi is important.

* I don't know how to translate. I think we don't need to translate it, because It have very special meaning.

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